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Born Bankrupt introduces readers to the Great Transition that will affect the finances of everyone born after 1930. In his book, author Thomas P. Warren provides individuals and families with the knowledge and tools to ensure that they live their century of life without having to face actual bankruptcy. Born Bankrupt is organized in such a way that readers will first learn several important personal financial planning concepts that they must understand to fix being born bankrupt. He discusses how everyone is born with several certain life liabilities that create the born bankrupt condition and provides easy-to-read illustrations about how to develop steps to manage these liabilities.


The “fix it” sections of the book walk the reader through the use of tools such as the Century of Life Balance Sheet to help control longevity risk. The role that investments play towards fixing bankrupt at birth is discussed in detail, and he lays the foundation for how an individual develops his or her own personal hurdle rate to manage their portfolios. The author discusses a wide-range of portfolio methods that the individual can adopt for themselves, or how to decide if seeking professional money management advice is the right path to follow.


The author devotes much attention to investment risk management and introduces the reader to a new type of risk created by regulation and management of the global financial system. Many other useful strategies are discussed covering important steps to protect wealth, how to minimize investment losses, the role of insurance and annuities and how to handle financial distress.


Mr. Warren discusses three types of transactions that individuals should avoid to prevent longevity risk. Finally, Mr. Warren offers advice for the younger generations about why it is important that they start funding their life’s liabilities as early in life as possible.

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