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Y Squared Advisor


We at Y Squared Advisors believe that accepting the 80-20 rule is just keeping with the status quo and not a way to differentiate your self, your business, of for that matter any endeavor. To be distinguished one need not only be inside the “20” they need to be in the top 20% of the 20. This we call “Y Squared”.


Possessing “Y Squared” attributes is natural for some, they’re born with it. It is also an attribute acquired from the hands on application of abstract and critical thinking to achieve real and measurable improvement. These are the “Y Squared” thinkers you want whenever a radical break from the status quo is necessary.


When you consider adding talent to your organization do you expect that individual to just help you maintain the status quo? Of course not, you must keep your competitive edge and your reputation as a forward thinking organization, particularly in an economy where one has to do more with less. The special results delivered to you by those who scorn the status quo, you should also expect from your key projects and initiatives. Unfortunately, many times you find that deliverables costs more, take longer to achieve and may not satisfy defined goals and objectives. A status quo outcome.


From our work, we know that the ROI (Rate of Impact) of any project is often determined during the crucial first steps of the initiative, before much of the funds and resources are committed.


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