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Born Bankrupt

Financial strategies for your century of life


"We are now in a period in world history which I call “The Great Transition”. It is a natural event - generally lasting from 2010-2013- during  which the demographic elements of our economy will drive a shift of wealth that will be independent of any government policy or action.


During this unique period (there will be no other period in history that has seen the same phenomenon) five generations of the population-the last of the Pre-Post Depression Generation, the Baby Boomer Generation, Generation X, Generation Y, and Generation Z - will be influencing the economy at the same time.. Five generations of cohorts relating at the same time explains the century of life we are all likely to live. A 100 year life span will be the norm for most of us, including many younger Baby Boomers.


By understanding where you place among the five living generations will help you to develop financial planning that addresses the only thing that matter towards achieving financial security -The Gift of Time!"   Tom Warren Born Bankrupt


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