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Born Bankrupt and How to Fix It Content



Chapter 1: Being Born Bankrupt Was Not Your Parents’ Fault 

Chapter 2: Understanding the Pattern of Life’s Liabilities

Chapter 3: Major Life’s Liabilities

Chapter 4: Your Lowest Financial Risk Is at Birth

Chapter 5: Getting to Work at Fixing Being Born Bankrupt

Chapter 6: Being Your Own Investment Manage

Chapter 7: The Art of Portfolio Diversification

Chapter 8: Techniques for Protecting the Portfolio

Chapter 9: Annuities

Chapter 10: Using Century of Life Funding Compartments™ (CFCs) 

Chapter 11: Income Strategies

Chapter 12: Strategies for Managing Financially Distressed Situations

Chapter 13: What Insurance Is; Why You Need Insurance

Chapter 14: Resist Using Acquired Wealth to Finance These Common Types of Transactions

Chapter 15: Financial Planning for the Younger Generations



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