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Contact: Tom Warren, 516-851-3452


Local CFP® Thomas Warren Releases Book

Born Bankrupt and How to Fix It!


"The state of being born bankrupt occurs at the precise moment you enter the world and the clock starts ticking for your century of life. The clock also begins to tick for your life's liabilities-the costs of all the obligations that your presence in the world requires of you over the next 100 years."


Vienna, VA, Dec. 10, Born Bankrupt introduces readers to the Great Transition that will affect the finances of those born after 1930. Everyone is born with certain life liabilities that create the condition of being born bankrupt. In Born Bankrupt, Mr. Warren spells out easy to follow steps  for how an individual develops his or her own liability management program to help eliminate financial longevity risk in their century of life. 


This 176 page book allows the general, non-professional investor obtain quality financial advice without regard to the level of assets they own. Born Bankrupt is essential reading for younger generations who need to understand why it is most important that they start funding their life's liabilities as early in life as possible.


Thomas P. Warren is a financial management expert currently working and living in the Washington, DC area. Mr. Warren earned an MBA in International Finance from New York University and an undergraduate degree in business administration from State University of New York. Mr. Warren's earlier career was with Merrill Lynch and Co. in New York City where he held several managerial positions in finance and information technology. In 2008 he founded Y Squared a Advisors, LLC to provide unique, specialized services to individuals and small businesses. "Discover What You Are Not Thinking" is the company's tag line.


Born Bankrupt is Mr. Warren's first book. It is available for purchase at, and Apple I Book . Follow him at or email For more information visit Mr. Warren is available for interviews appearances, book signings and presentations.




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